Blue Ticket

You will find.

Funny that that is the ticket I chose considering my favorite song is called We Find Love by Daniel Caesar. (If you haven’t listened to it, do it! DO IT NOW!)

For me, life has always been about finding love. For a while all I did was love others, when really I should’ve been loving myself. Finally I found it. I found love. And in doing so, I found love in others, and in the things I was doing daily.

I found love in driving. I found love in serving and helping others. I found love in keeping my room and space clean. I found love in my old car that stutters and needs new spark plugs. I found love in the way my laugh sounds, and the way my voice cracks. I found love in a boy that also found it in me. I found love in the way my eyebrows are shaped, and the way my skin flushes when I’m working out or embarrassed. I found love in the freckles that speckle my whole body. I found love in my hands, and how much they have done for me. All of the volleyball games they’ve played in, all the braids they’ve braided for my siblings, and all the times they have intertwined with someone else’s hands.

I found love in the smallest things in life. I never thought I would as I am such an overcritical person who notices even the slightest mistake or change in emotion in others. That is why I firmly believe that if you try, you will find what you are looking for.

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